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Port A Vape Shop: A One-Stop Shop for All Your Vaping Needs

If you're looking for a reliable and trustworthy vape shop in Port Aransas, look no further than Port A Vape Shop. This store is a one-stop-shop for all your vaping needs, offering a wide range of products and services to meet your needs.

Product Range

Port A Vape Shop offers a wide range of vaping products, including vaporizers, e-cigarettes, e-liquids, and accessories. They have a vast selection of premium juices, coils, and mods, all at affordable prices. The store also has a wide variety of glassware and Kratom products.

Service Options

The store offers in-store shopping, and the staff is always ready to help you find the perfect product for your needs. They also have free Wi-Fi, making it easy for you to browse their products and services.


The store is wheelchair accessible, with a wheelchair accessible entrance and parking lot. This makes it easy for people with disabilities to access the store and shop for their vaping needs.

Hours of Operation

The store is open seven days a week, from 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM from Monday to Sunday, except for Friday and Saturday, when it's open until midnight. This makes it convenient for customers to shop for their vaping needs at any time of the day or week.

Customer Service

The staff at Port A Vape Shop is friendly, knowledgeable, and always ready to help you find the perfect product for your needs. They are happy to answer any questions you may have and provide you with the best possible service.

Payment Options

The store accepts debit cards, credit cards, and NFC mobile payments. This makes it easy for customers to pay for their purchases using their preferred payment method.


Port A Vape Shop is a reliable and trustworthy vape shop that offers a wide range of products and services to meet your vaping needs. They have a friendly and knowledgeable staff, wheelchair accessibility, and a wide range of payment options. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced vaper, Port A Vape Shop has everything you need to enjoy your vaping experience to the fullest.

From the business

"We are a full E-Juice bar and Vapor Shop. We have largest supply of Disposables in stock. We also have tanks coils kits mods. We also carry smoking supplies of all kinds. Full smoke shop. We now have Guitar Strings picks straps cables for our musicians"


  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
  • In-store shopping

Port A Vape Shop Reviews - 31

Seek Truth

Seek Truth

πŸ‘ πŸ‘Ž 😐
Friendly Staff Freshness Great Flavor

Very friendly staff and nice stuff, Foger is available here with TRY first display, the freshness is the feeling I never experienced before, they guarantee flavor never drop in the middle!

Kimberly Persio

Love this place. Great prices, wide variety of fun stuff and amazing service.

Kayla Hoang

Kayla Hoang

πŸ‘ πŸ‘Ž 😐
Poor Customer Service Discrimination

I’m from out of state and was looking to buy a disposable vape from this shop. Upon entry, I showed the woman at the counter my ID as asked and she kicked me out of the store claiming that it was a fake. I am well aware that I look significantly younger than I am, as people often mistake me as a teenager, but it was incredibly rude that the cashier would not even bother to verify my ID and claimed that my REAL ID was a fake. I offered to show an alternate form of ID, but the woman at the counter refused to even look at it and refused service. She stated that she was from the same state as I was, and that she knew what the ID was supposed to look like. I’m not sure how long it has been since she’s been in that state, but license styles are updated every now and then. Instead of judging customers for how they look, maybe check the validity of their ID? I’ve never been treated this way before. My friend came in after and did not get asked for his ID when he made a purchase.

James H

James H

πŸ‘ πŸ‘Ž 😐
Wide selection Good prices Top notch customer service

I went in to see if they have Kratom, and I was not disappointed. Wide selection at extremely good prices! I will definitely be stopping in again! Top notch customer service too!

Dark Mind

Dark Mind

πŸ‘ πŸ‘Ž 😐
Quick Service Helpful Staff Quality Products

Was in and out within 5 minutes. The woman (owner?) was very nice and helped me choose what was best for me based on what I was looking for. Other shops have sketchy inventory but this one has 100% legitimate products. Will definitely be back for more. Thank you for everything.

lexi boyette

lexi boyette

πŸ‘ πŸ‘Ž 😐
Excellent Customer Service

The cashier was really sweet and understanding. Their system doesn't like split payment but it all worked out in the end 10/10 recommend

Chris Piland

Chris Piland

πŸ‘ πŸ‘Ž 😐
Good Selection Great Prices Poor Customer Service Overpriced

I love this vape shop! They have premium juices, coils; mods, all of it. The prices are AMAZING as well. Def go see Glen and get you some vape stuff!

UPDATE: Under new management? Been back there a few times since my first visit. I have to say this place fell off big time. Extremely rude lady working there who doesn’t know a single thing about vape and couldn’t be bothered to reach in the case to tell me what vape flavors there were. Also the prices are ridiculously high. I will not be going back there. What a shame.

Erika Nowicki

Erika Nowicki

πŸ‘ πŸ‘Ž 😐
Helpful Staff Great Service Highly Recommended

Pink is so awesome! She totally steered me in the right direction for.what I needed. Tested the equipment for me and fixed what needed fixing. All the while being very warm and really cared about my purchase. Highly recommend!

Brandon Ramos

Brandon Ramos

πŸ‘ πŸ‘Ž 😐
Great Shop Perfect Prices Excellent Service Southern Hospitality Recommend

Great little shop, perfect prices, excellent service, and a little bit of southern hospitality on top. Felt like I was home.
Definitely recommend! Just don’t throw a tantrum about not being 21, lol!

Michelle Briggs

Michelle Briggs

πŸ‘ πŸ‘Ž 😐
Great Customer Service Knowledgeable Staff

Okay sooooo I was on down visiting my sister as usual and I thought I lost my juice and I didn’t but after reading the reviews of this vape shop I HAD to come in and make a purchase because to see an owner stand by their employees is ALAZING and I come in and it’s this little nook shop and the girl who helped me pink I’m assuming was AMAZING I asked all about the salt nics and I had some accident and she helped me with a smile even though I was dying laughing at myself. I will definitely always buy from here every time I am in town!!!!!

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