IRIE HAWAII SMOKE & VAPE SHOP KONA: A One-Stop Shop for All Your Smoking Needs

Located in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, IRIE HAWAII SMOKE & VAPE SHOP KONA is a one-stop-shop for all your smoking needs. The store caters to a wide range of customers, including tobacco enthusiasts, cigar aficionados, and those who prefer vaping. The store also offers a range of clothing options for men, making it a popular destination for those looking for stylish and comfortable clothing.

Service Options

The store offers in-store shopping options, making it easy for customers to browse through the extensive collection of smoking accessories, clothing, and vaping products. However, the store does not offer delivery options, so customers will have to visit the store to make their purchases.


The store is wheelchair accessible, with a wheelchair accessible entrance and parking lot, making it easy for customers with disabilities to visit the store.


The store is perfect for those who are short on time and need to make a quick visit. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly, making it easy for customers to find what they are looking for quickly.


The store accepts debit cards, credit cards, and NFC mobile payments, making it easy for customers to make their purchases.

Hours of Operation

The store is open seven days a week, with extended hours on weekdays. On weekdays, the store is open from 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM, and on Sundays, the store is open from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Customer Reviews

Customers have praised the store for its knowledgeable and friendly staff. The staff is always willing to help customers find what they are looking for and answer any questions they may have. Customers have also praised the store's extensive collection of smoking accessories, clothing, and vaping products. The store is well-organized, making it easy for customers to find what they are looking for quickly. However, some customers have complained about the store's prices, which they feel are a bit high compared to other smoke shops in the area.


Overall, IRIE HAWAII SMOKE & VAPE SHOP KONA is a great destination for those looking for smoking accessories, clothing, and vaping products. The store's knowledgeable and friendly staff, extensive collection of products, and convenient location make it a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. While some customers may find the prices a bit high, the store's excellent customer service and wide range of products make it a great place to shop for all your smoking needs.

From the business

"Big Island’s premium purveyor of Kratom, CBD, Vape, E-cigarette, E-liquid, Cigar’s and bulk tobacco products."


  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
  • In-store shopping


Dean Kendrick

Frindly and knowledgeable staff. Great products..

Karl Kvalvik

Karl Kvalvik

👍 👎 😐
Good Location Nearby Attractions

Right next to Big Island Grown, Marriott Courtyard, & The Dolphin Spit Saloon.


Gabe Grothaus

Gabe Grothaus

👍 👎 😐
Poor Customer Service Inconvenient Location

Just went here a week ago, I was getting nicotine and CBD for me, because, I was on an airplane for 12 hours, I went in there with my nephew. So they decided not to serve me because they thought it was for her I was pretty ticked off, especially because people bring their kids in to smoke shops everyday all the time, so then I had to drive from Kona, all the way up to loopakas, which was an extra 1 hour drive if more from Kona 😑, went up there they served me got what I needed. I told them what happened they even match prices from around other Hawaii smoke shops, and it depends on the product… but some prices are higher at “irie smoke shop” than “loopaka’s”anyways, the lady that worked there that day was very nice and there was a guy there too which was really nice too. But they wouldn’t serve me so for that reason I’m never coming back to this shop.
Sincerely- Gabe
P.S no shade, the employees there were super nice just ticked me off

Eric Heaukulani

Eric Heaukulani

👍 👎 😐
friendly staff knowledgeable clean and organized highly recommend

Hands down... by far this is the best smoke shop I’ve ever been to.
The very helpful staff was friendly and shared their knowledge about the products on the shelf thoroughly. They made me feel extremely comfortable as I looked around for over an hour and kept asking questions. They were loaded with merchandise from wall to wall but neatly clean and organized. I highly recommend stopping by this smoke shop if you want to leave with a smile on your face! I leave with one every time!

cinnamint streeter

cinnamint streeter

👍 👎 😐
Friendly Staff Knowledgeable Staff Discount

I found everything on my list Friendly and knowledgeable staff and I even got my $5 off, which was greatly appreciated!

Lisa Griffin

Lisa Griffin

👍 👎 😐
Great Friendly Employees Pricey Outstanding Manager

Great little head shop. A little pricey. Employees are fairly friendly (can tell it is just a job for most of them). Robert, the manager, is outstanding. He goes above and beyond for his customers.

Julian Reyes

Julian Reyes

👍 👎 😐
Great Customer Service Product Knowledge Friendly Staff

The customer service by Peter was amazing. He was warm and a really nice person. His product knowledge as well was exceptional. Thanks for making my time here on the island so much better!

olivia kintzele

olivia kintzele

👍 👎 😐
Excellent Customer Service Comfortable Feeling Perfect Product Perfect Price

I visited this shop for the first time today, and was so pleased with the comfortable feeling and excellent customer service!
Chance and Robert provided me with all the information I needed to find the perfect product, at a perfect price! Thanks again guys!

DeAnna Ficke

Great place with great products. Our favorite

James Ziegler

James Ziegler

👍 👎 😐
Friendly Staff Great Selection Convenient Location Competitive Prices

Love this store. Friendly easy to talk to staff, easy lay out so you can see everything, great selection, convenient location and competitive prices.

Been going here for years. Love this spot.

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