Vaporesso Ceramic cCell Coil (Pack of 5)

by Vaporesso

Traditional coils used in different types of tanks use fiber to absorb e-juice. The good ones use organic Japanese cotton but neither the good or bad ones can reduce the risk of inhaling hazardous particles when dry-burning these coils. 

Presenting Vaporesso cCell coil, the coil that will change the way you taste your juice. Instead of using cotton, the coil is wrapped around by ceramic material, which has direct contact with e-juices. The unique design has mainly achieved the following: 

  • Greatly reduced juices leaking problem which frequently occurs in coils that use cotton. 
  • Reduce spitting to 0%. This enhances the purity of e-juice and promote your vaping experience. 
  • Alleviate coil burning issue by greatly reducing cotton contents. A cCell coil can be way more long-lasting than the traditional coils. 

Compatible with:

  • Gemini Tank by Vaporesso
  • Aspire Atlantis V2 Tank
  • Aspire Atlantis Mega Tank
  • Aspire Triton Tank V2
  • Aspire Triton Tank V1
  • Eleaf iStick MELO III Atomizer Tank (4ML)
  • Eleaf Istick MELO III Mini Atomizer Tank (2ML)



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